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M a t r i a V a l (Matriachal Values) Association for supporting matriarchal societies and conveying matriarchal values.
M a t r i a V a l was founded on the 19th of October 2006 in Frankfurt on the Main River.

All over the world there are societies living according to matriarchal values and traditions. Their existence is threatened. Globalization, Missionaries, Americanization, Westernization, Tourism and Patriarchy are putting them under pressure.
We got together to do something to change this development.

Two world congresses on the subject of matriarchal studies brought us together.
One was in 2003 in Luxemburg, the second in 2005 in Texas. Many of the speakers, researchers, journalists and professors at the second congress in Texas came from matriarchal societies: such as the Khasi of northern India, the Minangkabau of Sumatra, the Tuareg from the Sahara, the Mosuo of China, the Akan from Africa, Iroquois of America, Maori of New Zealand, and the Kabylen of Algeria.

Most of them had not heard of each other before the congress. They believed that their ancient traditions were the only ones and that no other society lived as they did. They also assumed that no one was aware of their traditions or would be interested in them. Their encounter at the congress brought them to the realization that there are quite a few societies in the world who live this way. This was the beginning of an enriching network of mutual support.

We have just discovered our common heritage and common ancestress. We need to unite and support one another. Help us to stop WB and other financial institutions from exploiting us. This is an appeal to all of us.
Patricia Mukhim, Khasi (North East India)

The role of globalization is huge in my society, the Minangkabau of West Sumatra today, "Adat" our matriarchal law and customs, is still strong, and so is religion. The two support one another in a way that lessens the bad influence of globalization. It is important for the peoples of the world who care for matriarchal traditions to erect barriers against the effects of globalization.
Endri, man of Minangkabau (Sumatra)

Much of modern Matriarchal Studies owes a debt to existing matriarchal cultures. These cultures have been created and maintained over millennia, by indigenous peoples - in the midst of surrounding cultures that have threatened and oppressed them. They have undergone great hardship, suffering, and attempted genocide - in order to protect and defend these very traditions that we as researchers are finding to be so important to our work. To fulfil our responsibility to these cultures, modern matriarchal researchers must attend to, and support these peoples, in whatever way the people themselves suggest.
Karen Smith (USA/Schweiz)
Goals of the Association
  • to promote research and education
  • equality
  • intercultural exchange
  • support for threatened peoples
These goals will be achieved by:
  • Drawing attention to and supporting matriarchal and matrilineal societies and social structures.
  • Networking individuals and groups from matriarchal societies as well as women and men who are studying these cultures.
  • Proposals for social, political and ethical changes for people of the dominant patriarchal societies,
  • Creating awareness for this subject: using film, books, exhibits, magazines, television, radio, congresses, conferences, other events, etc.
  • Supporting projects which reinforce matriarchal structures.
  • Creating a library and archive with relevant books, research papers, films, art and recordings.
  • Promoting and constructing educational institutions in matriarchal societies as well as in non-matriarchal societies.
The FoundersGudrun Frank-Wissmann
Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth
Dr. Malika Grasshoff
Siegrun Laurent
Uschi Madeisky
Dagmar Margotsdotter-Fricke
Dr. Christa Mulack
Gudrun Nositschka
Chairwomen Uschi Madeisky Dagmar Margotsdotter-Fricke Address MatriaVal e.V. Im Klingenfeld 37
60435 Frankfurt a. M.
Phone. +49  69  9 55 07 031